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When the strongest words have all been used.

In spite of some entertainment at our hotel in Pudong, and the tragic loss of corivax's new Indiana Jones hat (made in Mongolia) which was devilishly handsome on him, we have arrived at Seoul Incheon. There's this big customs-free duty-free tax-free zone, so there's no ATMs. So to get an ATM I had to go through immigration. The immigration worker I asked for directions accidentally told me the route they use. I startled a room full of bored immigration workers who got me stamped and on my way. I skipped customs because I was just going to an ATM and they were OK with that. The ink was still wet on my entry stamp when I got my departure stamp 5 minutes later. Ten minutes, maybe twenty, round trip. I'd been told not to by my friend the misdirecting immigration worker - he was sure it'd take 2, maybe even 3, hours!

Business class has a few flaws, some of which screw up my normal flight habits. First class was (last time) fully empty, but they wouldn't let me move there. On top of my having a full fare ticket, they wanted my firstborn in cold, hard cash to even consider an upgrade, on the books or otherwise. With Korean Air, there doesn't seem to be an otherwise. That's alright. Just, please, fewer announcements or better game authors - having to manually refresh each item to get it to be visible after an announcement stops is lame. Also, best ever: "North Korean Airways: Excellence in Fright." Think about it. Hit me.
Tags: flights, incheon, travel
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