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Some absurdist god's curious plans.

I figured out why we were having such a hard time getting transport through China. There's this whole, er, National Day thing. Because it wasn't enough to have watched fireworks and celebration in Kyiv and Kazan. It's even the start of a Golden Week. If some have their way, this might even be the last National Day for which there is a Golden Week. Fun!

Now instead of being all but sure we'd be in Beijing by Monday, I'm entirely sure we want to be nowhere near it come Monday. I guess there's always cabs or busses or local trains the instant we get in to Hohhot or even taking a flight to Beijing. We should be able to find flights to Korea trivially, I hope!

Ulaanbaatar has been really good to us at least, and I really hope to try the Mongol Rally again next year. To have come so close and have not quite made it is really heartbreaking. It's been an immensely wonderful experience though. I can't complain about the experiences we've had and the wonderful people we've met, though. Tonight I get to have dinner with a wonderful new friend who lives here, even! My world has been broadened to say the least, and I always lived under the idea that having spent so long around the Internet had taken me far beyond international boundaries. Something I never really adequately appreciated is how much being there can mean overcoming all the lingual and economic barriers you might otherwise face. You can become the best of friends almost through pantomime alone!

Also, the first person to make a mutton-scented car air "freshener" with a Buddhist icon on it which is sold with the claim that it will defeat traffic police (not just radar detectors, but the police themselves outright) will make a fortune here, as will the first person to dub the Fast and the Furious movies into Mongolian.
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